Our lab offers INSTRUCT users access to its Nanobodies4Instruct platform to generate Nanobodies that facilitate the structural investigation of proteins that are recalcitrant to purification and crystallization. We will also identify Nanobodies that stabilize unique functional conformations of those proteins. Future innovative applications of Xaperones in in situ fluorescence imaging, mass spectrometry, NMR, X-ray crystallography, electron microscopy and tomography, X-ray imaging or other relevant biophysical methods will be explored in an integrated fashion within the most multidisciplinairy projects selected by the INSTRUCT framework.


Instruct is a pan-European Research Infrastructure providing expertise and access to high quality instruments for structural cell biology researchers. Access is free at Instruct Centres and support for travel, accommodation and consumables may be available. Find more info on the INSTRUCT website and apply for sponsored access to our platform trough INSTRUCT.


Nanobodies4Instruct is supported for the Flemish Participation in ESFRI by the Hercules Stichting