Spin-offs of the lab

Confo Therapeutics originates from the CONFO® technology based on the use of single domain antibodies to stabilize dynamic proteins. The technology has been developed by Jan Steyaert and his team and has for the first time allowed the stabilization of medically relevant GPCRs (G-protein coupled receptors) in their active functional state, which is essential for drug discovery. A consortium led by Capricorn Health-Tech Fund with the participation of Qbic and SOFI has contributed € 3 million in the first institutional round of investment. These resources will be used for the further development of the innovative CONFO® technology platform and to initiate drug discovery programs.



AgroSavfe focuses on the research and development of innovative formulations of crop protection products by means of the Agrobody technology that was developed in the VIB department of the Free University of Brussels. Crop protection products (e.g. insecticides, fungicides) with AgrobodiesTM as formulation agents (antibody fragments from camel antibodies) can be used at lower dosages or have a longer lasting effect without repeat applications and thereby contribute to improved and more sustainable agricultural production.


Ablynx is focused on the discovery and development of Nanobodies®, a novel class of antibody-derived therapeutic proteins based on single-domain antibody fragments, for a range of serious life-threatening human diseases. Ablynx is developing a portfolio of Nanobody®-based therapeutic programmes in a number of major disease areas, including inflammation, thrombosis, oncology and Alzheimer's disease. The unique structure and stability of Nanobodies® has allowed Ablynx, and its partners, to pursue targets that are typically difficult to reach with conventional antibodies. The company is located in Ghent, Belgium. Incorporated in 2002, Ablynx is a Belgium-based biopharmaceutical R&D company, spun out from VIB and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.